Inner beauty retreat
at home

Inner Beauty Retreat at home is the online learning platform for the game-changers, those who are here to make a difference and those who feel there is more to life than their current reality.

expect breakthroughs

Get ready to experience break throughs, line up with your purpose and release what no longer serves you. You’re the one calling the shots. All from your own living room.

Do you want to:

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ more than 3 times, this is the place for you.

Hundreds of people have joined our retreats and workshops. All of them said their life has changed in a positive way after doing so. We’re thrilled to bring you some of Inner Beauty Retreats magic into your home and heart.

From fear to love: one-Day retreat

It gets you where you want to be. Whether you want to tap into a source of easy flow and peacefulness, be super productive working on new projects (yep, this works awesome for those secret procastinators) or boost your levels of self-love and be more compassionate to yourself. You’ll get really good at being you. And that’s where it all starts.

Our retreats are rated on average with a 9,6 and 100 % of our participants said they recommend our retreats to friends and family*.

* based on research from over a 100 participants

reconnect to your essence

After the start of my own inner journey, I knew that guiding and assisting others on their journey is what I am here to do. I quit my business (a modeling and recruitment agency), decided to follow my heart and have now hosted over 20 life-changing Inner Beauty Retreats.

I’m here to help you break free of old patterns and guide you back to your true self, so you can live your purpose.

We change our outer world by changing our inside world – yet so many of us try to work the other way around.

I’ve learned that our Universe is conscious, and that by following our heart and intuition, instead of our thoughts and fears, life responds to us in an unimaginable way. Magic is real.

I want that for you too.

What our clients say

“This retreat is like education. Education that everyone needs and desires, even if they don’t know it yet. If you want to know your purpose in life, reach your full potential or just find inner peace and be so thankful for all that you have, this is the place to go. Learn to be humble, yet choose for yourself, so that in the end you have way more to give. This retreat really opened my heart”
Joined the Inner Beauty Retreat on Bali
For anyone who wants to experience a HEARTcore day in these crazy, rapidly changing times - this one-day retreat gets you super duper aligned and connected to yourself.

Even from a distance Mayke and Nick are able to hold a loving space for you, allowing you to dive deep into your core and your inner being, all in the safety and comfort of your own home. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Participant online one-day retreat
Waaaauuuuuww! Team Inner Beauty Retreat ❤️ Wat kan ik zeggen? Dit hebben jullie echt te gek in elkaar gezet. Precies wat je nodig hebt in deze tijd. Het is voor iedereen die zichzelf beter wilt leren kennen en die klaar is voor de volgende stap in zijn / haar journey. Waar je ook bent, wie je ook bent, welk pad je bewandelt.... Maakt niks uit. Voor mij is het een duw in de goede richting met precies de tools die ik nodig heb om een nog mooier mens te zijn. Mijn beste versie. Can’t wait ✨Wat ik het allerbeste vind? Het feit dat de aangereikte tools ook helemaal toepasbaar zijn voor ná het retreat. Het is dus een investering voor de lange termijn. Dankbaar hiervoor! ❤️
Participant online one-day retreat